Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

NW Technic performs NDT tasks in accordance with NW Technic NDT Manual.

The following NDT inspection methods are performed by NW Technic:

NDT Method Limitations
Ultrasoinc testing (UT) Pulse-Echo, Through Transmission, Thickness Measurement
Eddy Current Testing (ET) HFEC, LFEC, Rotary Testing, Conductivity Measurement, Non-conductive Coating Thickness Measurement
Penetrant Testing (PT) Fluorescent Water Washable, Medium Level, Dry Powder (lA2a in accordance with AMS 2644);
Fluorescent Post-emulsifiable, Hydrophilic, Ultrahigh Level, Dry Powder ( lD4a in accordance with AMS 2644)
Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) Fluorescent Wet Magnetic Particle Testing